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The Diverse Landscapes of Life :: Biology Essays Research Papers

The Diverse Landscapes of LifeLiving organisms have been lay out to exist in many diverse environments on this planet places where perhaps no human had belief to look before. Sometimes life is found because of the wild imaginations of a few curious people separate times it is stumbled upon nearly by accident. This paper will explore two seemingly unlikely landscape paintings of life, and will highlight the successes of discovering new living organisms in hurt of expanding the array of possibility and our perception of the question What is Life?One environment receiving a lot of attention from scientists is the bottom of the ocean. Earlier in history it was thought that no creature could survive under the immense pressure and the total darkness of the ocean. The landscape remained untouched by humans, because without that sense of possibility for life, the technology was non created to explore the area. Until finally, in 1972, studies conducted near the Galapagos Islands reporte d vents, or hot water plumes. Now that something unexpected had been found, curiosity, possibility and new questions arose. The search began to accelerate along with the technology. A deep-sea robot named Alvin was sent exploring and a whole array of bottom dwellers was found. There were giant worms, clams and mussels (1).Once a community of living organisms has been found in a foreign environment, explanations will start rolling out. These hypotheses generally attempt to compare the system of life to our own systems grappling for similarities among the resources of the new landscape those we are already familiar with. For instance, in forests and jungles (environments which are very understandable to us) there are some animals that can climb or fly to the exceed of the trees where the fruit is. Other animals must stay on the ground, and so they live off of fruit which has fallen out of the tree. When a few organisms were found in the depths of the sea, it was first conjectured tha t they ate food that floated down to them from the lighted regions of the ocean (1), which seems very similar to the configuration of the familiar woodland food-system. This story was adequate until it was discovered that complete cities of creatures were thriving down at the bottom of the ocean biologists had to come up with a new story. There are hydrothermal vents called black smokers which let off agitate and chemicals from the bottom of the ocean.

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The Case Against Science Essay -- Philosophy Religion Papers

The Case Against Science Science has become an unreliable epistemological resource for several reasons. First, the assumptions of light are suspect. Second, the scientific method exhibits compact limits to the acquisition of universal knowledge. Third, the conclusions of the scientific community at large are questionable and inadequate. Fourth, the practice of science has developed a particular perspective most its place in the world of knowing that diminishes all other avenues of knowledge, to its detriment. Finally, the practice of science involves a philosophical approach which makes scientism and pure science hard to differentiate. Thus, science itself, as an epistemological discipline, has been discovered to be unworthy of the extreme admiration granted it by the present technology-loving world. 1. The assumptions of science are suspect. Historically and philosophically, empiricism has been shown to hasten clear limitations, since many persons recognize that reality consists of things which can be cognize through the human senses as well as things which are not known by them. In fact, the very foundational assumptions of science are suspect. Markos indicates that many of the givens we take for granted (most notably, that the foundation of all true knowledge is material, empirical, and quantifiable) are as new-fashioned as they are unproven 1. There also appear statements that seem to indicate that scientific assumptions should not be challenged. No one would today hold to ask why the interior angles of a Euclidian triangle sum to precisely 180 degrees. The question is closed because the answer is necessary 2. The answer whitethorn be necessary but perhaps is not true perhaps it is only a convention for the use of th... ...rk New American Library and University of shekels Press, 1986. Lewis. C.S. Miracles. New York Macmillan, 1978. Markos, Louis A. Myth Matters, Christianity Today., 16 April 2002. Otto, Rudolf. The Idea of the Holy An Inquiry into the Non- Rational Factor in the Idea of the Divine and Its Relation to the Rational. London Oxford University Press, 1970. Park, Robert. Voodoo Science. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2000. Schleiermacher, Friedrich. On Religion Speeches to its Cultured Despisers. New York harpist and Bros, Publ., 1958. Singh, Jagjit. Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics. New York Dover Publ., Inc., 1959. Trefil, James and Robert M. Hazen. The Sciences An Integrated Approach. New York John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2000. Trueblood, D. Elton. Philosophy of Religion. New York Harper and Bros. Publ., 1957.

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Shifting Efficiency Essay -- essays research papers

Shifting EfficiencyOne of the most important and life-altering inventions in history is the creation of the automobile. The first mannikin was built with a manual infection, meaning the operator of the vehicle was responsible for manually changing gears to increase speed. This method of acceleration, while efficient, required the complete assistance of the operator, and it sometimes took away the enjoyment of driving. This led to the invention of the automatic transmission, a method by which the operator of the vehicle no longer had to switch gears, as this was done automatically. Since the development of the automatic transmission, there has always been conflict about which method of acceleration is more efficient.Driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission allows for multitasking such as talking on a cell phone or eating a meal while driving. This, however, is not always a safe way to drive, especially in traffic when frequent stopping and going is necessary. This method o f driving, though dangerous to many if it is not undertaken carefully, seems to be prevalent to most people who enjoy the freedom of multitasking. Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission makes it almost impossible for the operator to talk on a cell phone or do other tasks because the use of both hands is required to direct the vehicle and shift gears at the very(prenominal) time. To some people, this is a much safer method of driving, because it requires the driver to focus more, which reduces the risk of a...

Three Short Pedagogical Pieces by Sidney Fein :: Sidney Fein Literature Writers Essays

Three Short Pedagogical Pieces by Sidney Fein I. Teaching Logic, or Barnabus Ploy At the last minute Professor Hugo avant-garde der Weg decided to return to Holland. Perhaps he was homesick, missed pitched roofs and legalized narcotics, meatballs and rice table. No one told me. Maybe no one knew. Though I was deprive of the pleasure of meeting Professor v. d. w., his decamping was consequential for me. As Distinguished Visiting Professor (my pompous rating) I was obliged to teach only two courses per semester. My subdivision chairman for the year was a decent fellow named William Pitt, like the prime ministers. He was one of those people who have the knack of turning high disquiet into a variety of charm and he telephoned at the end of August to beg me charmingly to take on another class, with no preparation and for no money, one of v. d. w.s orphans. Its logic, he declared, as if he had said something that amounted to an argument. Pardon me? The course. Its 210, Logic. Please? P retty please? He then proceeded breathlessly, as though convincing me were a matter of speaking a runon sentence as rapidly as possible. Look, I wouldnt dare to ask further its a requirement for a deal of our students, though you shouldnt have more than twentyfive all together, so it wouldnt be fair just to seatcel it and theres nobody else who can take it onwell, except for Harold Whitson but hes already agreed to do The Flying Dutchmans Rationalism seminar for me so I cant possibly ask him. No, that wouldnt be fair. I could almost hear him throwing his gaze heavenwards. What can I do? Deans have it fairly easy they can rely on simple bullying. But I think one of the criteria by which surgical incision chairmen are selected must be their ability to get people to sigh and say okay. So I sighed and said okay. Butlogic? The class authentically was a requirement, as Pitt said, though in a respect he didnt mention. The Philosophy department, perhaps Pitt himself, had maneuvered thin gs so that PH210, Logic, could be taken to fulfill the undergraduate maths requirement. While this clever bit of academic politicking insured a healthy enrollment, lots of FTEs in the lingo of the trade, and looked good on the accounting sheet of the wisdomlovers, it alike guaranteed classes filled with the reluctant, resentful, and resigned.

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Macbeth - GUILTY :: essays research papers

This was an oral presentation, in which I prosecuted Macbeth. I received a grade of A-, however was told that it was my actual presentation rather than my look for that stopped me getting a higher grade )Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be brief. You have heard the testimonies and seen the evidence it is now time for the fate of Macbeth to be decided. Today you have met scores of witnesses testify, under oath, the defendants entirely good and honest character, and have pondered as to how the King of Scotland could commit such atrocities. However, ostensible evidence opposes such testimonies and proves beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant Macbeth killed his King, Duncan the II of Scotland, his life-long friend Banquo and Lady Macduff and her children.Over the last six months we have seen Macbeth degrade from a fearless and heroic warrior to a murderer, a conscious villain who felt extreme guilt after killing his King out of pure avariciousness and want. His servant, as testifie d, overheard Macbeth express his guilt to his wife on the night of the murderI am afraid to think what I have done direct on t again I dare not.Following his crowning at Scone, King Macbeth hired three assassins to murder his long-time friend Banquo, in prepare to protect his crown. It was after the murder of Banquo that Macbeth then turned into an unmerciful, non-repentant tyrant. This man, once heralded a hero, became the bane of Scotland and his people.The defense has tried to manipulate facts to persuade you that Macbeth is not to knock for these murders and has placed responsibility for these deaths on everyone from Lady Macbeth to the witches, who occasionally conversed with the accused. You have heard testimonies of the three witches, who told us of their encounters with Macbeth. What sort of man would associate with such evil beings, and close of all, believe the nonsense they foresee? The witches did not directly influence Macbeth to assassinate his King, they only specu lated as to what the future may hold and these predictions ignited his overwhelming ambition to become King. These associations with the witches bring serious doubts to the goodness of the defendants character.Speculations that Lady Macbeth is responsible for Duncans murder have been made by the defense. But railway line found on this cloak hidden in Macbeths quarters proves without doubt that it was Macbeth who actually committed the murder.

Macbeth - GUILTY :: essays research papers

This was an oral presentation, in which I prosecuted Macbeth. I received a grade of A-, however was told that it was my developed presentation rather than my essay that stopped me getting a higher grade )Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be brief. You have heard the testimonies and seen the evidence it is flat time for the fate of Macbeth to be decided. Today you have met scores of witnesses testify, under oath, the defendants entirely good and honest character, and have pondered as to how the poove of Scotland could commit such atrocities. However, unmistakable evidence opposes such testimonies and proves beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant Macbeth killed his fairy, Duncan the II of Scotland, his life-long friend Banquo and Lady Macduff and her children.Over the last half-dozen months we have seen Macbeth degrade from a fearless and heroic warrior to a assassinateer, a conscious villain who felt extreme guilt after killing his King out of pure greed and ambition. His servan t, as testified, overheard Macbeth express his guilt to his wife on the night of the murderI am afraid to think what I have doneLook on t again I dare not.Following his crowning at Scone, King Macbeth hired three assassins to murder his long-time friend Banquo, in order to protect his crown. It was after the murder of Banquo that Macbeth then turned into an unmerciful, non-repentant tyrant. This man, once heralded a hero, became the bane of Scotland and his people.The defense has tried to hedge facts to persuade you that Macbeth is not to blame for these murders and has placed responsibility for these deaths on everyone from Lady Macbeth to the witches, who occasionally conversed with the accused. You have heard testimonies of the three witches, who told us of their encounters with Macbeth. What sort of man would cerebrate with such evil beings, and most of all, believe the nonsense they foresee? The witches did not directly influence Macbeth to assassinate his King, they only spe culated as to what the future may secure and these predictions ignited his overwhelming ambition to become King. These associations with the witches bring serious doubts to the goodness of the defendants character.Speculations that Lady Macbeth is responsible for Duncans murder have been make by the defense. But blood found on this cloak hidden in Macbeths quarters proves without doubt that it was Macbeth who actually committed the murder.

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Eric Clapton

ERIC CLAPTON Have you ever heard of Eric Claptons song Layla? Well its a re wholey good song. When you estimate of an artist such as Eric you would think how did he came up with that sound in his medicine and there is an answer. His music is influenced by the old catchy colour genre. Eric Clapton is an English guitarist and song writer who was mainly influenced by colour, who is referred to as one of the most influential guitarist of all time. ITS ALL ABOUT THE blue ROCK When we think about blues a thing that comes to our mind is African Americans playing that catchy sound that characterizes blues.But as time advanced several(prenominal) genres of music deviated from blues and one of them is the famous blues rock. Blues rock is a music genre that has the sound of the twelve bar blues feature with a rock and roll style. This sub genre began to develop in the mid 1960s with bands from the UK and the US experimenting with the music from older American bluesmen. As time progressed by the early 70s you couldnt really tell the difference between blues rock and hard rock. (academic. scranton. edu) HOW DID IT ALL START? Eric Clapton was born in Ripley, Surrey , England. He was raise in a musical household.At the age of thirteenth he asked for a guitar and got it , but Eric thought it wasnt a really good one so he lost interest. Two historic period later was when really started to play and practice. As a young teenager he grew up listening to blues music in the radio. He became passionate for the music with time and in 1963 was when he joined his first band one that was influenced the blues and rock and roll sound. He remained in this band until 1965. Eric got into more bands as time passed. It was until the early 70s that he started his solo career. (ericclapton. com) WHERE DID HIS SOUND CAME FROM?Eric Clapton grew up listening to blues music. In his early years he listened to Big ball brazy and Muddy Waters. Other guitar influences are Freddie King, BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, and Hubert Sumlin. (http//altmine. mie. uc. edu/bob/) But his most key influence is Robert Johnson a blues men. Johnson was that burning(prenominal) to him that Eric Clapton has a CD called Me and Mr Johnson. I kind of got hooked on it because it was so much more powerful than anything else I had heard or was listening to. Amongst all of his peers I felt he was the one that was talking from his soul without really compromising for anybody. In one way or another, hes been in my life since I was a kid, Clapton says. He says the project has been in the back of my head to do for so long. It was about time that I took my hat off to him. (Edward) The thing that gets my maintenance is that all of his influences were related to the blues genre and that says a lot about what sound he was trying to achieve with his music. ACHIEVEMENTS Eric Clapton is referred to as one of the most important guitarist of all time. He has been inducted three times to Rock and Roll H all of fame 2 times as part of a group and 1 in his solo career.His career not only has been successful but he has inspired many musicians that grew up listening to him. (rockhall. com) The world of music has recognised Eric Clapton as one of the most influential guitarist of all time and that he was mainly influenced by blues music. Such a good guitarist that he has influenced many other musicians. CONCLUSION Eric Clapton is recognized as one of the most influential guitarist of all time. He grew up listening to blues music and that was what made his music be what it is now. His music is so good that people are still listening to his songs. WORKS CITED . Eric Clapton Biography. ERIC CLAPTON. Wheres Eric , n. d. Web. 21 Mar 2013. McAllen anamnesis mettlesome School. . Eric Clapton Takes on Robert Johnsons Blues Guitarist Records the Powerful Music that Influenced Him . npr music. npr music, McAllen Memorial High School. 30 Mar 2004. Web. 21 Mar 2013. . Influences of Eric Clapton. ROBERT W. ROST, Ph. D.. N. p. , McAllen Memorial High School. 17 Feb 2006. Web. 21 Mar 2013. . Eric Clapton Inducted in 2000. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. N. p. , n. d. McAllen Memorial High School . Web. 27 Mar 2013. . History of Blues. Blues Music Rocks. N. p. , n. d. McAllen Memorial High School . Web. 27 Mar 2013.

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The effects of violence video games

The research topic that we have chose is violence motion picture game on teenagers. The reason of this research is conducted is because teenagers shake off a great deal of cadence with tempestuous moving-picture show games at exactly the ages that they should be learning healthy ways to relate to other pot and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Because video games are such good teachers, it is critical to help parents, educators, and policy- makers understand how to maximize their benefits while minimizing potential harms.This research is an academic research and this is to deal the effect of teenagers n playing violent video games and to study the impact of violent video games on individuals differently. The question of whether teenagers participation in violent video games can lead to an increase in violent thoughts, emotions and behaviors, this study will provide this answer are based on statistical comparisons between bad groups of teenagers who do or dont play violent vide o games. RQI What are the effects of violent video games on Teenagers? RQ2 How do violent video games affect teenagers?RQ3 are violent video games a negative effect teenagers social skills and interactions ith others? RQ4 How teenagers participation in violent video games can lead to an increase in violent thoughts, emotions and behaviors? This research will utilize both qualitative and quantitative research tools. The purposes of this research is to observe the behaviour and attitude of the teenagers before and by and by when they spent their time to play the violent video games through observational studies and sample survey. The target audiences that we are researching are teenagers who are age in between in 13 years old to 18 years old.The reason of the audience that we are targeted is because at the age of 13 to 18 years old, teenagers generally spend to a greater extent time on the video games as compare to some other category group. The media text in this research are vide o game and particular(prenominal) in violent type of video game. There are two different groups of research sample. The first group are formed by 5 female and 5 male who are teenagers. These group will be tested in experimental room and we are providing them a few writing style of video games, example of the games are Call of duty, Grand Thief Auto (GTA) and others.The teenagers will be observed while they are playing the violent video game. The finding will be base on their reaction and behaviour during they play, their temper and attitude as in before playing the game and after playing the game. The second group are 100 people and comprises of 50 male and 50 female, the sampling process will be based on randomly select for 50 people regardless male and female to ensure for the reliability and fairness of the method. The second group will be attached them with the questionnaire and the location that we are selected is in the cyber cafe or digital mall.

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St Bartolomew

St B What were the Immediate Causes of the Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre? Document Sources 15,16,17,18 Travis Bontorin 10/24/2012 The immediate causes of the Saint Bartholomews day massacre, 1572 using the sources from Barbara Diefendorfs The Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre, A Brief History with Documents. Since the Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre there has been a corking deal of controversy over the causes and blame of the historic crisis. Any religious dispute is a very contentious debate due to the fact that there were gener wholey very few impartial bystanders to record what took place.Given that the clash between the Protestants and Catholics had been an ongoing problem since Protestantism had spread to France in the early 16th century, documents that can be studied are often very biased, and historians must gather information from a third party perspective in order to form opinions virtu bothy historic typesetters cases such as the Saint Bartholomews day massacre. Att empting to figure out why such a horrific event happened is incredibly difficult. It is unaccepted to know why an individual acted the way they did unless they recorded their thoughts at the time.However, by encompassing various documents written by different individuals we are able to give an understanding of the circumstances leading up to the massacre and hereby construct a recipe for the event. The formula for any sort of civil crisis is simple it requires cardinal groups of people who passionately disagree on an issue enough to fight over it, a situation that puts high levels of stress between the cardinal parties, an realised fear of the unpredictability of the opposing group, and finally a trigger.In the long time leading up to Saint Bartholomews Day 1572, the recipe for a disastrous event unfolds and ultimately evolves into the slaughtering of thousands of Protestants in Paris and surrounding regions of France. As with any conflict, there are two sides to every argume nt. The religious quarrel between the Catholics and Protestants was so capacious that three wars had been fought throughout the 16th century. The disputes branched out further than religious theology politics were fundamentally based on religious structures causing the French Wars of Religion to also be a struggle over monarchial power. In an attempt to settle the disputes king Charles IX planned to have his sister oxeye daisy married to the Protestant King of Navarre, Henry of Bourbon. The wedding was intended to bring peace between the two factions, however many disliked the adjoining of the two religions through matrimony. The wedding, only six days prior to Saint Bartholomews Day brought many Protestants into Paris for the celebrations. The large increase of Huguenots arriving in Paris added to the tension between the Protestants and Catholics.Catholic Parisians at the time had a strong distaste for Huguenots. Bringing a large enactment of Protestants into Paris for the wedd ing in a whizz was setting the stage for the pursuant massacre. 2 Even though there was a peace treaty established between the Catholics and the Huguenots, both factions very frequently disliked one another. In the days after the wedding there were celebrations being held throughout Paris, the festivities were to continue until after Saint Bartholomews Day.These celebrations were cut soon due to the attempt on the life of admiral de Coligny by a harquebusier out of a window belonging to the Guise family. As news of the weakened full admiral was spread around Paris it began to stir dismay to the Protestants. Huguenots occupying Paris demanded justice on behalf of the Admiral and blamed the Guise for the attempted assassination. It was reported by many Catholics that the Protestant outrage escalated to the extent violent threats towards all Catholics3 and even towards King Charles IX. Captain Briquemault, revealed that Huguenots had assembled and were planning to eruption the Lo uvre. 5 Catholics were under the impression that the Protestants were plotting approximately sort of revolt. Fear began to rise amongst the Parisian Catholics as they prepared to defend themselves against the possibility of a Huguenot attack. 6 The tension in Paris during the two days between the attempted assassination of Admiral de Coligny and the Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre could only lead to something bad.Catholics began marking themselves with white crosses so that they would not be mistaken as Protestant. 7 For two days neither Catholic nor Protestant made a physical attack at one another. The threats act and with both factions at a standoff, waiting for something to happen, it was only a matter of time before the hypothetical powder keg would explode. It is still unknown who was promptly responsible for the attempted assassination of Admiral Cologny. At the time, Huguenots were accusing the Duke du Guise because the shot was fired from a Guise house.Many people believe that it was the Queen, Catherine de Medici, who conspired to have the Admiral killed deliberately from the Guise house. Regardless of who was responsible in the days following the Catholics grew more and more fearful of the Protestants. Word was given that Admiral de Coligny would survive the attack Catherine de Medici became very concerned that he would seek revenge. In a private court with the King she convinced him that something must be make about the Huguenots. The King was warned that the Protestants were planning to rise up against him and his state. Duke of Guise advised that they should do to the same thing to them that the Huguenots planned to do to their Majesty. 9 Charles IX then ensured that all Catholics within Paris were armed, he order at the gates to the city be locked so that no one could leave or enter, and that the boats on the river be chained so that no one could escape. 10 This was the trigger that set off the destruction. When merchants and bourgeoisie got word that the king had order the execution of the Protestants it was the spark raise the massacre.The bell in the clock tower served as the signal for the Catholics to attack and at 1100PM on Saint Bartholomews Day Catholics began to slaughter all the Huguenots in Paris, starting with Admiral de Coligny. 11 The term massacre is defined as a brutal slaughter of a group of people done without careful judgment or planning. The Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre did not happen without any planning someone planned to have Admiral de Coligny assassinated but it is difficult to support the idea that someone had planned the massacre of the Protestants.The immediate events leading up to the event indicate that tension in Paris built up unto to point where something dramatic was going to happen, if not the massacre something else. The combination of the tension and fear surrounding Paris and the increased number of Protestants in Paris, the distaste that each religion had for one another, and f inally the trigger of the King ordering the attack is what caused the Saint Bartholomews Day Massacre.

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Cerelac Essay

SYNOPSIS This is a semester project (Research Report) regarding a baby food product named Cerelac of Nest. It starts with an introduction around Nestl followed by the history of Nestl. It gives a briefing intimately all the brands of Nestl. This report also includes the marketing mix of the product. All the 4Ps of marketing mix for the product has been discussed and explained to break dance the significance of its product, pricing, placing and promotional activities. BCG matrix has also been included in this report to know about the current standing of brand in local culture. segmentation and target marketing will help to understand the criteria of Nestl marketing for the specific product. In the end, there are some recommendations for the company to enhance their profitably agree to our research. After that, report has been concluded. INTRODUCTION Today, Nestl is the world leading Food Company. Nestl headquarters is in Switzerland. Its international R&D network supports the prod ucts made in much than 500 factories in 86 countries. The Nestl factories are operating in the region of Africa America Asia Europe OceaniaBeing a company dedicated to food from the beginning, Nestl remain sensitive to culinary and eating habits, and responds to specific nutritional problems, whilst also setting and matching new trends such as growing out-of-home consumption and caring about the well being of its consumers. Meaning Of Nestl Henri Nestl endowed his company with the symbol derived from his name. His family coat of arms, the nest with a mother bird protecting her young, became the Companys logo and a symbol of the Companys care and attitude to life-long nutrition. The Nestl nest represents the nourishment, security and sense of family hat are so essential to life. 1866 -1905 In the 1860sFactories were realised in developing countries, particularly Latin America. Ironically, the war helped with the introduction of the Companys newest product, Nescafe, which was a sta ple drink of the US military. Nestls production and sales rose in the wartime economy. 1944 1975 The end of World War II was the beginning of a dynamic phase for Nestl. Growth accelerated and companies were acquired. In 1947 came the merger with Magi seasonings and soups. Crosse & Blackwell followed in 1950, as did Findus (1963), Libbys (1971) and Stouffers (1973). Diversification came with a shareholding inLl 1974. 1975- 1981 Nestls growth in the developing world partially offshoot a slowdown in the Companys traditional markets. Nestl made its second venture outside the food industry by acquiring Alcon Laboratories Inc. 1981 1996 Nestl divested a number of businesses1980 / 1984. In 1984, Nestls improved bottom line allowed the Company to launch a new round of acquisitions, the most 1996 + The first half of the nineties proved to be favorable for Nestl trade barriers crumbled and world markets developed into more or less integrated trading areas. Since 1996 here have been acqui sitions including San Pellegrino (1997), Spillers Pet foods (1998) and Ralston Purina (2002). in that respect were two major acquisitions in North America, both in 2002 in July, Nestl merged its U. S. ice cream business into Dreyers, and in August, a USD 2. 6bn acquisition was announced of Chef America, Inc. Mission Statement Nestl is dedicated to providing the best foods to people throughout their day, throughout their lives, throughout the world. With our unique experience of anticipating consumers needs and creating solutions, Nestl contributes to your ell-being and enhances your quality of life.

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Old Testament Leadership Essay

Introduction The Holy Scriptures are without question a vault of loaded wisdom for a variety of subjects. The subject of leadership is no different in fact a case can perhaps be make that the Holy Scriptures are word pictures of Gods leadership for humanitykind. Whether it is read as the divinely, inspired word of God, or as a mere historic account of ancient Israel, or as a book of pure myths, the reader will encounter fascinating people with extraordinary leadership qualities.The chase will take a glimpse at Moses the man whom God chose to be the leader of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, into a land that flowed with milk and honey. The next will be an attempt to document moments of strength, weakness, failure, and victory. This paper will conclude by identifying Moses as a servant leader who, in spite of human failure, ultimately fulfilled the will and purpose of God.Leadership StyleThe style of leadership that Moses demonstrated was clearly Servant leadership, In order to retain t he electromotive force in this young man, God led him into the Midian desert to learn a new way of life (Kuest, 2009). As a shepherd he intimate to serve, and became servant to the purpose and will of God.RelationshipsMoses although he spent much time on Mount Sinai (in relationship withGod), he also spent time with his substitute Joshua whom he had prepared for Servant Leadership (Num. 1128). IncarnationMoses was not a detached leader. In fact throughout the wilderness journey, he was among the people. He was an accessible leader. Evidence of this fact is found when there were needs the people went straight to him (Num. 201-13).CovenantsOLD TESTAMENT LEADERSHIP 3 Moses was perhaps know for many things in fact it is widely cognize that Moses is regarded as one of the Jewish peoples greatest prophets/leaders. One specific thing that Moses is known for is the Mosaic Covenant. The bible states If you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all the nations you will be my tre asured possession. Although the whole earth is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priest and a holy nation (Ex. 195-6). MosesIn spite of his greatness, Moses was a man with weaknesses. As the time when he was sibylline to speak to the rock but instead hit the rock, thus failed to do what he was instructed to do. Moses over saw victories, and uprisings by his own people, however, through it all he was the man whom God had called and he was servant to that calling. ConclusionPerhaps his greatest strength was his relationship with God, the time that he spent in the presence of the shaper God had to be his constant reminder that what he was doing was greater than himself. Mosess weakness and failure did not hinder him from desiring to see Gods glory, these experiences on the mountain top made him who he was.OLD TESTAMENT LEADERSHIP 4 References Kuest, R. (2009). Uncommon leadership Servant Leadership In A Power-Based World. indorsement Edition. New Missions Systems International. Ft. Myers, Fl. KJV (2013). iPad app.

Exploring Programming Languages

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard database computer language utilise for querying, modifying and managing data in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). SQL was developed in the 1970s by IBM to initially manipulate and retrieve data in IBM System R. The SQL language was regulate in 1986 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) however, later releases were released as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.Until this day, there are lots of users who refuse to cite to it as SQL. To some people, SEQUEL is the right lift for this international standardized database language. SQL has additionally been revised in 1989 and then 1992 (SQL-92). Ever since, SQL has undergone many revisions to enhance their standardization.Sybase and Ashton with their police squad support created a product which is cognise with the name of the SQL server 1.0 and within a few(prenominal) years SQL server 4.21 also came in existence for the Microsoft NT operating system. Microsoft itself on their individual basis work for the SQL server 6.0 and this was the first Individual product of the SQL series for the Microsoft which works with the Windows NT because at that point of time windows NT was the main operating system.After few years later, when a copyrights conflict is there between the Microsoft and Sybase then Microsoft has done so many revisions in its project which lead to the development of the SQL server 7.0 which is known with the name of SQL server 2000 and the main part of this scheme and model is that it can work with the 64 bit platform.The development of the Integrated development Environment for the world of web and windows packages with the SQL server 2005 that includes so many tools and utilities that includes the ETL tool, a Reporting server, data mining server, and several messaging service brokers that will be for the notification function. The succeeding(a) version which was come after the Microsoft SQL Se rver2005 is the Microsoft SQL server 2008, the aim of which is to make the data management features still under control using self-tuning.SQL Server 2008 R2 whose code name is given as Kilomanjaro and it is announced on year 2009, to add different management features to the SQL Server 2008 which is the earlier version. The SQL Server 2008 R2 also includes the number of new services that includes the PowerPivot for the Excel and Sharepoint master data services for building the reports using the data tier application.2.The features of SQL evince are as followsStored ProceduresSQL Server Configuration Manager ViewsReplication (as a subscriber only) TriggersAdvanced Query Optimizer CursorsSMO/RMO sqlcmd and osql utilitiesIntegration with Visual Studio 2005 Snapshot Isolation LevelsService Broker (as a client only) Native XML support, including XQuery and XML SchemasSQL CLR Transact-SQL language supportMultiple Active Result Sets (MARS) Dedicated decision maker ConnectionThe features o f Oracle Express are as follows Direct Path Load API External tables External procedures Synchronous Change Data Capture asynchronous Change Data Capture Transportable tablespaces, including cross-platform Advanced Queuing Basic Replication Advanced Replication Distributed queries Distributed transactions Transparent Gateways Generic connectivityThe features of DB2 Express are as followsAdvanced Copy ServicesOracle Compatibility Compression backuppureXML storage High availability disaster recoverySpatial Extender Homogenous FederationIBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms Homogenous SQL Replication IBM Data Studio give notice Search Extender Online reorganization The free version of DB2 (DB2 Express-C) has much less limitations than those existing in Oracle and SQL Server, Oracle Express Edition 10g/11g and SQL Server 2005/2008 Express.CharacteristicDB2 Express-CSQL Server 2005/2008 ExpressOracle 10g/11g Express Edition CPUs MaxUntil 2 cores11 RAM Max2 GB1 GB1 GB Size Limi tUnlimited4 GB4 GB/11 GB 32/64 bits32-64 bits32 bits / 32-64 bits32 bits / 32-64 bits

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Daoism: a philosophy of life Essay

Daoism is non a religion, the Philosophical Daoists believe the Dao Jia is a doctrine of spiritedness. Taoism is translated into English simply as the path or path. Every Taoist believes the goal in life is to become one with the Tao Taoist Beliefs. Taoism is pronounced (Dow-ism), and it means path or the way. Taoism very vague and has to be experienced, it refers to a power which envelops, surrounds and flows through all things, living and non-living. The Tao regulates natural processes and nourishes balance in the universe. To the Philosophical Daoist what is near real is nature. The Daoists believe that nature is constantly changing and as it does so do the patterns and processes. With nature changing constantly there be things or occurrences that can arrive unexpectedly, emergent properties.As for humans they are a natural part of nature, and it is necessary for them to depend upon it, for their living and well being necessities. Living an resplendent life according to th e Daoists would have to be trying not to conquer the natural world. And trying not to mend it into ways in which it would only help in achieving wealth and riches, but instead to go with the flow of the natural world.Therefore, to live an excellent life, they would do so by flowing with the natural occurrences and processes of the world. The Taoist path to salvation is called Wu Wei, meaning the prescript of non-action. The way to attain unity with the Tao involves no effort, ambition, discipline, or education. Since it is the principle of non-action, it is important to understand Wu Wei is not avoiding of action, but of certain types of action, such as aggressive, controlling, coercive, manipulative or intimidating. Therefore, distributively person has an equal opportunity to attain balance. It involves surrender to nature since every person is by translation part of the Tao, there is no need or reason to seek it elsewhere. Furthermore, everyone has direct access to the Tao beca use the Tao is committed to reality, and everyone is a part of reality. In summary, there is no need to seek performs outside of oneself. Through non-action the answer is revealed through ones own existence. Wu wei can also be expressed in effortless life, it is considered going with the flow of things.For example, trying to reach a certain place but doing so by polluting or disrupting natural order is not Wu Wei, rather by reaching a certain refinement by fitting in with the natural order of the environmentand nature. Wu wei is the living a person who in touch with the understanding of Dao. Many may be quick to believe that the Philosophical Daoists are pacifists because they do not disrupt the way of the natural being. But, that would be an inaccurate statement. Fighting and warfare are recognize as occasional necessities, they were something that had to be done, and the Philosophical Daoists had a certain way of approaching it. Daoism is strongly against redundant warfare and do not glorify it as certain militaries would. The Dao De Jing believes, Military weapons are inauspicious instrumentsso when you have no choice but to use themdo so cooly but without devotion (Dao De Jing 31). Clearly it is evident that the Daoists are not pacifists, they believe violence has to occur, but there is a way to approach it without giving it glorification and excitement. Lastly, Daoism is deeply rooted in the love of nature and its wholeness. Humans are a part of nature and could live peacefully if they followed the way of Daoists.

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The Theme of Music in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

She realised suddenly that there was something about symphony that had never been revealed to her before it was not merely the production of sweet well-informed it was, to those who understood it, an emotional and understanding odyssey.The theme of music takes on many forms and is central to understanding many characters and situations in the young. The title of the novel itself mentions the all-important Mandolin, which emphasizes its importance beyond anything else.When we are first introduced to Captain Corellis mandolin, it is instantly evident that he has abandoned it a womans name, Antonia, personifying the object. He also refers to the playing of the dick as if it is crying in his arms as he plays it. As the main focus in this book is eventually the relationship between Pelagia and Corelli, music appears to play an important role in this relationship.Pelagia cannot work out why it is that a talented thespian would settle for a life in the army, and it is this mystique and talent that attracts her to the Captain. There are evident fronts that both Pelagia and Corelli both put on, Pelagia as the innocent and stern Greek whos duty it is to hate the Italians, and Corelli as the Italian spend getting wino with prostitutes. But it seems that when Corelli begins to play his mandolin, both these fronts disappear to be replaced by Pelagias genuine appreciation and Corellis genuine hunch over for the instrument.The link between the mandolin and the relationship is made clear by Corellis comparison of the instrument to Pelagia as well as the sound it makesHow like Pelagia is a mandolin, how gracious and how lovelyI think of Pelagia in terms of chordsNot only does the mandolin and its sounds reflect the attraction of the couple, but it also sums up quite suddenly the situation that prevents them from being lovers, as Corelli mentions in chapter 42.Pelagia is sad and I pick up Antonia and play re minor. She looks up and says Thats exactly how I was feeli ng, how did you know? and I would have liked to have said, Pelagia I love you, and that is how I knowThe theme of song appears throughout the novel, many characters display a need and a use for music and this becomes evident when considering this theme. The uses for music in the novel are varied and it is interesting to examine each use of music in varied situations to gain insight into its value.Lemoni, the innocent and pure shaver that everyone in the villiage has time for uses song to keep her amused, and to create a relationship with the wild animals she loves so much. It is mentioned that hallucination is only acceptable when one is a child, and Lemonis attempts to teach a stray dog to sing in chapter 9.Hes apprisal Hes singing Cried Lemoni and joined in A-ee-ra, a-ee-ra, a-eeraShe also plays with the crickets and gets herself bitten by one. It is not mentioned but possibly Lemoni is skeletal to the loud song of the cricket and may have attempted to sing along with them too. Her purity and wild, spotless interpretation of the songs of the animals seem to bring her closer to them. We never see Lemoni playing with the other children in the villiage, perhaps there are none but it would appear more likely that she seeks her companionship in the singing animals she spends all her time with.Another example in the novel where song is used for an alternative dry land is when the brigands are found by Carlo and Francesco, drunk and singing in the tower that they have seized by force. peerless would assume that any outlaws would be lying low, or on heavy guard for attackers, but it seems this half-hearted contend against people not really considered to be the enemy has brought out the side of the soldiers that would prefer to be drunk and mid-song than armed and waiting for combat. This element makes it that little bit harder for Carlo and Francesco to kill these men not so different from themselves, but in times of war these feelings are expected to be brushed aside by soldiers.There was the sound of singing from the tower, and it seemed they must have been a little drunkBut it is not incisively the situation of war that brings about song in the characters in the novel, it seems that any chance of celebration, whether it be a small victory, the ringing of the church bells, a tradition or the arrival of an expected miracle requires musical backup man of some sort.Finally arrived at the point where singing was both natural and inevitable, they sang together a cantadaSo from Corellis gentlemens singing club, to Lemonis singing animals, and the composition of Pelagias march, it is not difficult to identify the importance of music, song and sound in Captain Corellis Mandolin.

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Families and house holds Essay

Families and Households (In this essay I will examine and assess the view that, in todays nine, the family is losing Its functions. ) Modern family sociology master(prenominal)ly developed In the middle of the 20th century, in a period of stableness (for countries like the USA or even Switzerland) or of social reconstruction after the Second mankind war (as for most otherwise European countries). This development took place under the aegis of the then peremptory in operation(p)ist paradigm (Parsons & Bales 1955, Goode 1963).Its basic model was that of the nuclear family, a couple of two adult partners living unitedly with their hildren and forming an irreducible free radical securing fundamental tasks for social and hence societal Integrauon, especially through socialization, a group that functioned In a relatively autonomous way, with little intimate contacts beyond its borders, which made It particularly attuned to the flexibility required by the Industrial society.The in ternal structure of this family model was mainly organized around two ascribed criteria, sex and age. The role attribution according to the sex of the adult partners internal tasks for the wife, external tasks for the husband was tell to correspond to expressive vs. Instrumental orientations typical of sexual Identities and was interpreted to be a highly functional way of executeing all the necessary contributions to family and societal functioning.The welf atomic number 18 nominate and other social institutions play a pivotal role as a substitute family many functions the family used to perform (see my tv set on Parsons Fit Thesis) need promptly been taken over by our welfargon resign (anyone else hear Charles Murray groan? ). Remember pre- industrialization? The family performed many educational & caring roles For example, single parents bunghole perform the economic role through benefit payments nd primary socialization of children can be performed by pre-school / nurs ery.So on the one hand, from a functionalist and New Right point of view the family Is losing its functions because of their primary trouble / focus with the nuclear family. However the evaluation Is that the family Isnt necessarily losing its functions because in whatever format the family is found, with external oblige the key functions Durkheim and parsons Stress. are still performable. Certain functionalist such as Parsons and Dennis say that in our now new-fashioned society any(prenominal) functions erformed by the family have been shifted to specialized Institutions that look after certain vital roles.This would implicate such things as education, as this used to performed by the family who educated their children for the head for the hillsing world. They also claim that now the family has two basic functions left, these are the socialization of children and the stabilization of adult personalities. Changes in the family Decline In espousals and growth In cohabitation, Remarriage and growth of reconstituted families More births outside marriage, Rising divorce rates, Ageing population.However rough other sociologists such as Fl and so oner and Shorter claim that It Is the opposites and that the family actually sued to ignore such things as the education of their children and the inexpert activities were non done. They say that now due to the ledger entry of the welfare system the family now cares about their Childs wellness and keeps a closer eye on It. The family still Is responsible for partly diagnosing 1 OF3 introduction of the social service department the family must further care for their child so they are not taken away.There are many different sociologists who look in he families place in todays society and assess the level of function to family has today. From Murdock to parsons, feminist and warm bath theory there is many different views and opinions on this statement. One of the more famous sociologists who looked at the family is G. P. Murdock he compared over 250 societies and claimed that the nuclear family was universal, that some form of the nuclear family existed in every known society and that it performed four functions essential to the continued population of those societies.The four functions are Reproduction (where society equires new members to ensure its survival), Sexual (this function serves both society and the individual. Unregulated sexual behavior has the potential to be socially disruptive. However marital sex creates a powerful emotional between a couple), Educational (culture needs to be transmitted to the next generation), stinting (where adult family members show their commitment to the care, protection and maintenance of their dependents by becoming productive workers and being an income). objet dart Murdocks root words are a great idea and would make a good society to conk out in they re also dated seeing as he wrote this in 1949, things have interpolated a lot since then and the family has moved on, one thing that would have changed for sure since he wrote this is the fact that women can now be the breadwinners in the family it is no longer Just the men that go out to work to help the economy. So according to Murdock then family would be losing its functions because it is not fitting directly into his four main functions. As industrialization grew kinship-based society broke-up which had a direct impact on family structures.Out went the definitive across-the-board family and in came the isolated nuclear family as a productive unit. The term isolated comes from functionalist Talcott Parsons who place the families in unexampled industrial society as being isolated because its not connected to wider kinship relations. Obviously there are kinship relationships between members of a family but the difference for Parsons is these relationships are built on choice rather than obligation (members of pre-industrial had to cooperate in order for the family unit to abide a relationship built on obligation rather than choice.These pre-industrial family obligations consisted of health-care education policing moral teaching mployment etc. ) In contrast Parsons identified how in modern industrial times, the family was no longer obliged to take for out these family functions. Instead state institutions such as firms schools hospitals GPs police and churches took over these obligations. Parsons said this shift from family to state responsibility was a natural outcome of social evolution rather than demise.The isolated nuclear family had evolved from the classic extended family due to a reduction of the functions of the family particularly with the family ceasing to be an economic unit of production. Functionalists argue this change in function of the family comes from the needs of the economic system. Industrialization introduced specialized division of labor. These specialisms mean certain skills are called for in different geographical sha res at different times. These social changes meant the isolated nuclear families being freed requirements of modern industrial society.This changing function of the family was evident in the expansion of the railways in the 19th century. The 1851 Census was the stolon to include detailed classifications of the population by age which provides a enchmark to track the impact of the railways on families, batch and places throughout England and Wales. The shift to the postmodern family Unlike Giddens, Beck and Beck-Gernsheim, and David Morgan, the American sociologist Judith Stacey believes that contemporary societies such as the USA have developed the postmodern family (Stacey, 1996).She associates changes in the family with a movement away from a single dominant family type. And with greater variety in family relationships. Postmodern families in te Valley Staceys claim that the postmodern family is peculiarity of the USA is based upon er own research into family life in Silicon V alley conducted during the mid-1980s. Silicon Valley in California is the global headquarters of the electronics industry and the worlds vanguard post-industrial region (Stacey, 1996).Usually trends in family life in the USA take on an exaggerated form in Silicon Valley. For example, divorce rates in this area have risen faster than in other areas of the country. Trends there are generally indicative of future trends elsewhere. Most sociologists have tended to argue that higher-class and middle-class families read the way in new family trends and that working-class families then follow later see, for example, Willmott and Youngs idea of the symmetrical family). Staceys research suggests that the reverse might be true with the rise of the postmodern family.

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The Major Profitability Ratios

The major profitability proportionalitys ar 1. 1. 1. 1RETURN ON CAPITAL Describes the earning capacity of the enterprise and it is measured by the following symmetry bring in onward interest and taxation Average direct Assets The Return On Capital proportionality measures how well the in boundediate operating assets (assets a great deal(prenominal) as debtors, gold in, fixed assets, stock) atomic tote up 18 generating the beau monde s income, and is apocalyptical of the management techniques use by the follow to utilise its assets. A poor income rate of elapse could indicate that valuable assets are below utilised.As a result of this problem, an enterprise, which shows a negative Return on capital could be under the influence of poor management. The earning capacity of XYZ special(a) for 1998 and 1999 proportionality200019991998Comments Return on CapitalNPBT degree Celsius8870 Av. OA(286 + 230) 2(230 + 162) 2(162 + 144)Industry ave 100 x 10088 x 100 2 2581967 0 x 100 38, 76%44, 9%153 45. 7% I N T E R P R E T A T I O N XYZ check s return on capital dec var.d from 45. 7% in 1998 to 44. 9% in 1999.This reduce is mainly collect to the growth in assets, but further investigation is undeniable to give way the extent of this decrease. The decrease continued further from 44. 9% in 1999 to 38. 76% in 2000. Again this decrease is repayable to an amplification in assets. The question that arises thitherfor is Is this phenomena as a result of mismanagement of assets, or dear because XYZ Limited is starting up and hitherto growing? Additional investigation would be required to analyse the extent of the decrease. 1. 1. 1. 2NET PROFIT RATIO The primary objective of an enterprise is to make a profit. advantage is take in from gross sales and serves as an most-valuable measure of return of capital. The Net meshing lot rear be measured by the following symmetry Net net income Sales This Net value dimension measures the all in all overall effectiveness of the enterprise s opeproportionns, before interest, tax and other non-operating items. The shortfall of this balance in terms of its effectiveness is perhaps the fact that its usefulness is limited to comparisons with other companies. In addition, there is no guideline as to what the ideal absolute value should be. Changes to the Net Profit % can be influenced by one of two components, viz. Gross Profit Percentage run Expenditure In addition, the percentage of sales consumed by operating expenses (i. e. Gross Profit % Net Profit %) is often indicative of management efficiency in controlling operating cost. Disciplined management techniques, for example, by cutting costs can lead to two consequences, viz. A more than profitable enterprise An in effect(p)ly operating enterprise The Net Profit % of XYZ Limited is as follows Net Profit % Margin200019991998 Net Operating Income1008870 Net Sales900800700 11. 11%11. 00%10. 00% I N T E R P R E T A T I O N The Net Profit Percentage Margin step-up steadily in proportion to the Gross Profit percentage during the horizon of 1998 to 1999 (10% to 11%). This improvement in the enterprise s return on capital indicates that a proportionately greater profit was earned from sales in 1999 that in 1998. The crux of the matter, however, is non yet known whether this improvement is as a result of larger Gross Profit or lower expenses. Further depth psychology would be required. During the menstruum of 1999 to 2000 the Net Profit Percentage Margin increased by a further 0. 11% (11% in 1999 to 11,11% in 2000).Again this improvement can be specify to an improvement in the enterprise s return on capital. And as noted in the preliminary horizon, it cannot be determined whether this improvement is as a result of larger Gross Profit or lower expenses. Further analysis would be required. 1. 1. 1. 3Gross Profit % Margin Gross Profit % is an indication of the return of the enterprise s core business . The Gross Profit percentage can be measured by the following balance Gross Profit Sales The Gross Profit percentage proportionality whitethorn be difficult to calculate, as many companies do not disclose their Gross Profit figures.This proportionality measures the overall profit margin the enterprise is making on the goods it sells. Perhaps a weakness of this dimension is that by disclosing this fiber of information a friendship could potentially expose itself to its competitors. Changes in the Gross Profit % can be influenced by the following factors Change in markup changes in the merchandising prices of goods, or possibly trade discounts will have a direct jar on the GP margin. Sales aggregate an enterprise may deal with numerous different products, which have different mark-ups, and as a result, the sales mix will have an influence on Gross Profit % margin.A changing sales mix should be ascertainable from the segment report (if prepared) by the enterprise. Invent ory theft the theft of inventories would cause odds-on quantities of inventories to be reflected as sales and cost of sales, and will definitely have a negative impact of the GP margin. The Gross Profit % of XYZ Limited is as follows Gross Profit Margin200019991998 Gross Profit X 100%300256210 Sales900800700 33. 33%32. 00%30. 00% I N T E R P R E T A T I O N During the head 1998 to 1999, XYZ Limited s Gross Profit percentage margin increased from 30. 3% in 1998 to 32. 9% in 1999.Changes in Gross Profit from one period to the next may be influenced by an increase in sales volume, but further analysis would be required. During the period 1999 to 2000, XYZ Limited s Gross Profit percentage margin increased by 1,1% (from 32. 0% in 1999 to 33. 3% in 1999). A closer look into the enterprise would be required to analyse the following factors Higher selling prices Lower purchasing prices Incorrect inventory counts Stricter prevention or loss control policies For obvious reasons, t his type of analysis is only possible if the unit selling price and the costs are known. 1. 1. 1. Return on Equity (ROE) Return on Equity is measured by the following ratio Net Profit After Tax fit Equity Return On Equity (ROE) is an indication of good or bad the sellholders prospered during the year. The objective of any enterprise must be to yield sufficient returns in line with the risks taken on by the owner. In addition, the Return on Equity ratio also gives the investor an idea of the sort of return of investment he/she is achieving. This can be compared with returns on alternative investment opportunities such as savings accounts, gilts, and fixed properties. The ROE of XYZ Limited is as follows Return on Equity200019991998 Net Profit After Tax564833 entirety equity186154102 30. 11%31. 17%32. 35% I N T E R P R E T A T I O N During 1998 the Return on Equity ratio, as calculated to a higher place, indicated that for all rand in equity XYZ Limited generated 32. 35 cents in profit. Also noticeable is that during 1999 and 2000 this profit was measured as 31,17 and 30. 11 respectively. Apart from the fact that there was a mediocre decline in percentage over the three-year period, nothing signifies that the company is undergoing stress in terms of the ROE figures. Thus no further analysis would be required. . 1. 1. 5Earnings Per trade Describes the earning per share of the entity and it is measured by the following ratio Earnings Per Share Total Equity Earnings Per Share indicates the value of the company s share as perceived by the market. The higher increase in value, the higher the favourable wisdom of the enterprise. The EPS of XYZ Limited is as follows Earnings Per Share200019991998 Net Profit After Tax564833 Number of Shares Issued10108 R5. 60R4. 80R4. 13 I N T E R P R E T A T I O N XYZ Limited s earnings per share favourably increased over the three horizons from R4. 3 (1998), to R4. 80 (1999), to R5. 60 (2000). This stunner increase in sh are value over the three-year period is indicative of the higher favourable perception of XYZ Limited s 1. 1. 1. 6P/E Ratio Describes Price/Earnings per share capacity of the entity and it is measured by the following ratio Price Earnings Per Share Price/Earnings Per Share indicates the knowledgeable appendage of an enterprise. The P/E ratio also signifies how much investors are willing to afford per rand of current earnings. Furthermore, an increase in P/E usually indicates that an enterprise shows potential for future growth.The P/E Ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows P/E ratio200019991998 Price per Share282016 Earnings Per Share654 5. 004. 173. 90 I N T E R P R E T A T I O N The Price/Earnings per share for XYZ Limited steadily increased over the horizons of 1998 (3. 90) to 1999 (4. 17) an increase of 0. 27. This increase is healthy for the company as it reflects it as a growing capability. However, since XYZ Limited is in its start-up phase this increase is understandable. The Price/Earnings per share for XYZ Limited, again, steadily increased over the horizons of 1999 (4. 17) to 2000 (5. 00) an increase of 0. 3. What is provoke to note is that this internal growth suggests that perhaps it is one of the contributory factors, which influenced the negative trend in the return of capital and since the company is relative new, growth is inevitable. 1. 1. 2 Liquidity Ratios Liquidity ratios, in essence, measure the ability of the enterprise to pay its bills on time. In other words, the more liquid an enterprise possesses, the more able it would be in terms of paying its bills. In addition, Liquidity ratios also measure the management of a firm s ability to employ working capital. The major liquidity ratios are ongoing Ratio Acid-test Ratio run Turnover days Creditors payment ratio 1. 1. 2. 1 certain Ratio The Current ratio measures the amount of times the company s assets cover its liabilities. Current liabilities consist of creditors who must be pa id in hard cash in the short term. Current assets mainly consist of stock, debtors, and cash. The calculation of the current ratio is as follows Current Assets Current Liabilities There is no generic rule of thumb about what the figure should be, but generally speaking, an bankable ratio usually computes between 1 and 2, even though this may vary from industry to industry.The evidentiary thing about the current ratio is that it is used to make comparisons, rather than an absolute measure of liquidity. As a short ratio, it makes sense, receivable to the fact the company s liquidity in the short term depends upon whether it has enough current assets to pay its current liabilities. Another important aspect of the Current Ratio is that it is an important tool for creditors and bank managers (in the case of overdrafts) as signifies that the company can make the commitment to its lenders. The current ratio could also be used in terms of risk management in the event of a negative tren d in this ratio.For example, if the rate at which the company s assets are converted into cash is slower than that of the repayment of the company s creditors, there would be liquidity problems in that enterprise. The Current ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows Current Ratio200019991998 Current Assets18611022 Current Liabilities703620 2. 66 1. 03. 061. 01. 101. 0 I N T E R P R E T A T I O N The Current ratio for XYZ Limited during the period 1998 to 1999 increased considerably from 1. 101. 0 to 3. 061. 0. The poor acid-test ratio in 1998 indicated that the company had experienced problems.This is obviously not the case due to the fact that the enterprise was just starting up. Another observation of this particular horizon is that it signifies that in 1999 the company expanded (grew) substantially since its stock which contributed to the e normity of the gap. During the period of 1999 to 2000 the current ratio of XYZ Limited expectedly levelled-out from (3. 06 1. 0) to (2. 661. 0) and even though it is still above the industry norm (21). Even though this horizon indicates that XYZ Limited has the capabilities of servicing long-term debt and current liabilities, it must still be viewed with caution. 1. 1. 2. Acid study Ratio The Acid-Test ratio (or sometimes referred to as the Quick ratio) is a more severe form of the current ratio where current assets are readily converted to cash are calculated as a proportion of the current liabilities. The calculation of the Acid-test ratio is as follows Current Assets Stock Current Liabilities The Acid-test ratio also compares current assets to current liabilities, but removes stock from the assets, since stock is usually the least liquid of all the assets and the most difficult to convert into cash. This ratio, in fact, gives us a more accurate assessment of the liquidity of the enterprise.A quick ratio of 11 would be considered as the norm , but may vary from industry to industry. The Quick ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows Acid Test Ratio200019991998 Current assets Stock120707 Current Liabilities703620 1. 711. 01. 941. 00. 351. 0 I N T E R P R E T A T I O N The Current ratio for XYZ Limited during the period 1998 to 1999 increased considerably from 0. 351. 0 to 1. 941. 0 respectively. The poor acid-test ratio in 1998 is indicative of the fact that the company was in its infancy stage and was likely committed to its lenders.XYZ Limited then somewhat leap-frogged in 1999 to a more favourable position due its debtors recovery. During the period of 1999 to 2000 the quick ratio of XYZ Limited declined marginally from (3. 06 1. 0) to (2. 661. 0) respectively and even though it is still above the industry norm (11). The decrease in XYZ Limited s quick ratio could be ascribed to expansion in operations and growth and even though was still able to meet its short commitments. 1. 1. 2. 3Stock turnover days The calculation of the stock turnover days is as follows Average inventory X 365 Cost of s alesThe inventory stock days calculates the sales an enterprise contains in its year-end inventory. The most efficient scenario would be to have no inventory holding, but is impractical, as it would make an enterprise inoperable. It would therefor be considered as a management inventory control policy. The Stock turnover days ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows Stock Inventory Turnover Days200019991998 Ave inventory X 365664015 Cost of sales600544490 40. 1526. 8411. 17 I N T E R P R E T A T I O N It is interesting to note that during the period 1998 and 1999 this figure for the stock turnover days seemingly increased by 25. 7 days (from 11. 17 days in 1998 to 26. 84 days in 1999). This increase in the number of days could be as a result of growth or due to stock holding. XYZ Limited showed an increase in the number of days for the horizon 1999 (26 days) and 2000 (40 days). This negative trend over this period and the introductory horizon could be misleading and potentially indicat es that stock piling occurs. It is difficult to assess this condition as the company could be in the process of delivering a huge order or has over stocked with in anticipation of sales projection. 1. 1. 2. 4Creditors PaymentsThe calculation of the creditors payments is as follows Average Creditors X 365 Cost of sales The creditors payments days indicates the period an enterprise uses to pay it s trade collectors. This can potentially give rise to cash discounts by suppliers. The Creditors Payments ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows Stock Inventory Turnover Days200019991998 Ave Creditor X 365402620 Cost of sales600544490 24 days17days14days I N T E R P R E T A T I O N XYZ Limited showed an increase in the number of days for the horizon 1998 (14 days) and 1999 (17 days). And again during 2000 (24 days).This, however, does not signify anything as the company is still able to pay its suppliers in less that 30 days, which suggests an efficient payment process. 1. 1. 3 Leverage Ratios Leverage (Gearing) ratios, in essence, gives the analyst an indication of the sort of debt an enterprise has and how the operations is financed. All supplement ratios will contain long-term debts and short-term debts. This is usually compared with the total assets of the company. Financial institutions and banks are usually shrill to know the company s leverage as they are keen to find out how much an enterprise has borrowed and what it can afford to borrow.The major leverage ratios are 1. 1. 3. 1Debt Ratio The debt ratio is an indicator of all the debt that the company has , to its total assets. The calculation of the debt ratio is as follows Total liabilities Total assets Due to the accounting equation, it can be generally assumed that the company has financed its assets by the above proportion of non-owner funds. Owner funds refers to share capital and bear earnings. Lenders generally stipulate that this ratio should not exceed a certain percentage because it is usually more risky to lend to a company who lacks owners funds (i. . share capital + retained earnings) as apposed to its non-owners funds. Again, the desirable value of this ratio is difficult to evaluate and its usefulness lies in how it compares to the same ratio in other similar companies. The debt ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows Debt ratio200019991998 Total liabilities1007660 Total assets286230162 34. 97%33. 04%37. 04% I N T E R P R E T A T I O N The debt ratio for XYZ Limited during the period 1998 to 1999 decreased marginally from 37. 04% to 33. 04%. this was mainly due to an increase in assets.Due to this effect on leverage, the debt equity ratio caused the return on shareholder s equity to remain fairly constant even though an increase in return on capital was encountered. During the period of 1999 to 2000 the debt ratio of XYZ Limited increased marginally, suggesting that the company did not have the same profitability as the previous horizon. 1. 1. 3. 2 long-run Debt Ratio The l ong-term debt ratio is an indicator of only the long-term debt that the company has, to its total assets. The calculation of the long-term debt ratio is as follows Long-term Debt Total assetsLong term debt is fairly static. Generally lenders do not like to give long-term loans to finance short-term (current assets). They prefer to lend on a long-term basis for items such as fixed assets. The ratio therefor indicates what proportion of the assets has been financed by long-term debt. The debt ratio of XYZ Limited is as follows Long-term debt ratio200019991998 Long-term debt304040 Total assets286230162 10. 49%17. 39%24. 69% I N T E R P R E T A T I O N The debt ratio for XYZ Limited during the period 1998 to 1999 decreased marginally from 24. 9% to 17. 39%. This was mainly due to an increase in total assets. Due to this effect on leverage, the debt equity ratio caused the return on shareholder s equity to remain fairly constant even though an increase in return on capital was encount ered. During the period of 1999 to 2000 the debt ratio of XYZ Limited increased significantly mainly due to an increase in total assets and a decrease in long-term debt. What is noticeable in this ratio is that XYZ Limited is not particularly bad for the company. In fact, the company is seemingly doing very well.

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Division and Classification Essay

Your Future Is In Your Hands A term that more of us know. That saying is true and accurate when it comes to deciding on going certify to school. Should I go sustain to school? A question that tons of people atomic number 18 asking themselves. It is a question that tho they, themselves skunk answer. But there ar many benefits of furthering your information. A sense of accomplishment is one of the many reasons people choose to go pricker. Self accomplishment is a gratifying feeling for most people. to that extent many people struggle with the decision of going or not going.People with a high education tend not only to get the better jobs but the higher paying ones as well. Who wouldnt want a better, higher paying job? The better paying jobs seem to be the ones everyone is after. Nowadays in order to get those jobs, you need some sort of higher education. The economy can affect your choice in furthering your education. If the economy is not good your chances of going back to school are much better than getting a job, or in some situations, keeping your job. You can further your education and have a better chance of getting a better more consoling job.Lots if jobs encourage a higher education and are willing to help an employee obtain it. They are willing to work with you by arranging your schedule, being flexible, and in some cases the employer even pays for the schooling. It is a broad way to advance within your company. Who wouldnt want to climb the corporate ladder? Personal enjoyment is a great benefit. Saying, I have a college degree or certificate, is very self-satisfying. It is a delight feeling to be satisfied and happy in your life. Many people learn to handle the blackjack of deadlines and commitment along with learning social skills.Students learn to socialize with many different types of people, that vary in age. They learn to get along with people they normally would not get along with. People that they may never had met if it we rent for going to school. Commitment is not always an easy thing to do. Who wants to take the judgment of conviction not only to attend school but pay for it and not totally commit themselves? non many people. You invest your time, money, and self and you are committed. Your going to succeed. Self-confidence, another benefit, is something many people lack. Going back to school can make one feel good about themselves.The projects, the oral exams and practical exams that are part of college help people build confidence in themselves. Once you accomplish your project, whatever it may be, you will succeed and feel good about it when its done. Furthering your education can set a good example for your children, friends and family. They will see you making the choice to further or continue your education and in most cases will do the same. When you pass up playing a video punt or watching television because you have homework to do, they will be more likely to do the same.It teaches them responsibility, commitment, time-management, and how to be goal oriented and how to set their priorities, among other things. Education may be a indispensableness for some and a true passion for others. There are many of opportunities as well as choices when it comes to furthering ones education. It is truly possible for anyone to further their education if they want to. It is never too late to go back to school. There are many benefits of continuing or furthering your education. Though there are quite a few benefits listed here, there are many more. You have to choose the one or ones that are full for you.

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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Essay - 1

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security - Essay good exampleBillions of people visit websites every day, which increases the homogeneouslihood that the product be seen by the target audience. If we count the form of users in Facebook its size would be greater than even United Sates. People are spending to a greater extent age on the internet to do online shopping than the traditional shopping in the malls (Zarrella, 2009). No unrivalled likes to wait in the long queues during their holiday season and rather choose and order from home. Answer 2 Advantages of Social Media Marketing The best thing of suing societal media marketing is that it is free. Anyone can sign up to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other countless sites free of cost and can build huge list of followers in their page and post slightly both new product or new advertisement that the company is plan of attack out with. According to a recent survey by comScore, it was seen that around 98% of the online population invigoration in USA uses Social Media sites, and worldwide out of every 10 people 6 uses social media forums. Hence it is ideal for businesses to reach out to new target customers and new markets where they have no presence. done these networks professionals can interact and share ideas and discuss nearly important topic across boundaries in very much lesser time than ever imagined. Hence one can use LinkedIn as a much professional site or Twitter to give quick updates or Facebook as more brotherly and informal sites. Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing Social media marketing might not be free, but a business needs to take into consideration the time it takes to crystallize new relationships, time it takes to catch their attention, make the sites look great. The company needs to spend time regularly to update their status and read new comments of the customers, like reviewing their suggestions, replying to their comments, accepting any new request etc. Any negative publicity willing severely damage their reputation as it is seen worldwide by millions of fans following. Though there are a lot of Social media sites to choose and spread their networks, firms must understand the simple fact that they are unsloped a needle in the haystack. They have to stand out from the crowd. It is easy for anyone to get frustrated with overlook of response form the customers hence they must have a clear thought out strategy. It is not easy to get a Facebook like from millions of people in the internet, and hence they must take their time to build the relationship. Answer 3 Pepsi launched their Pepsi Refresh Project in 2010. Pepsi funded people for their business ideas in areas like health, food and shelter, arts and culture, education and planet and neighborhoods. Pepsi measured the results of their campaign through the level of engagement between their customers and their brands, the level of social impact it created and the br and-equity results it created. It was seen that consumers felt that Pepsi as a cola making company cares about the community and their thinking of Pepsi as an innovative and forward thinking brand was strengthened. Pepsis research showed that the consumers who knew about the Pepsi refresh project started to choose Pepsi over any other brand while buying any cola drink. It was also seen that the social network which Pepsi developed had the largest fan base as compared to any drink company. It showed both the aspects of how these kinds of programs can be very successful and not

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Writing Fitness Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Writing Fitness - Research Paper interpreterIn writing, choose the active component over the motionless. As Bonnie Trenga said in her book, The rummy Case of the Misplaced Modifier How to Solve the Mysteries of Weak Writing, the active voice is the cle atomic number 18st and most direct substance to present your ideas. In an active sentence, she adds, the subject performs the action, the object receives it. Passive voice or writing, on the other(a) hand, is vague, wordy writing that conf engagements or bores readers. It confuses them because they encounter verbs such as was and were over and over.Writing is, above all, a form of communication. So use simple words. Do not use utilize when you can use or say masticate when you can say chew. Also, look for redundancies corresponding ATM machine or HIV virus the shorter the sentence the more easily understand it is. Take this for example What is incredible somewhat the new processor is its speed. This sentence has a lot of unnece ssary words in it and is in the passive voice. Whereas, The new processors speed is incredible, delivers the same information as the first, but more direct and clearly. Writing is not easy. If you believe otherwise, then chances are you use a lot of clichs, which nobody would like to read or say anymore. The higher the creativity of your paper, the better the chance it will get the aid you want for it. While rules in effectively writing memos do not differ from other nonfictional prose writings, here are a few more things to consider a) Two short sentences are better than a long one. b) Use bullets easier to see and read. c) A superior deserves the proper tone of voice even in written communication. d) Memos to the client, copy your supervisor never the other way around. e) Initiate retrace-ups. allow the details of your follow-up in the memo.Business people have a lot less clock time to read than normal folk, so remember to a) State your purpose at the very start of the lett er. b) Be concise but strike the proper tone courteous and diplomatic. c) It sells your company. So be sure to follow your companys presentation style and that the paper is error-free.

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The Role and Value of Supervision and Appraisal in Today's Essay

The Role and Value of Supervision and Appraisal in Todays Organizations and how Leadership Helps Effective Implementation of Th - Essay ExampleGenerally there is a hammer of hierarchy attached to supervision, with the supervisor existence of higher authority within the organisation than the individual being supervised . An appraisal is an evaluation of the work outance of an employee that occurs within an organisation and usually focuses on how individual employees perform compared to expectations, where they could improve, and where they are doing tumefy. Appraisals provide information to the employee that allows them to know how they are performing, and also how their performance is viewed by management . some forms of appraisal involve supervision of the employee by an external dowryy, a supervisor, over a short or an extended period of time. In some cases multiple supervisors may be involved to decrease possible bias . Supervision is important to appraisals. Generally, a n appraisal is carried out by a member of the organisation who spends time with and time supervising the employee. Supervision can occur in a number of ways. The supervisor may spend time with the employee while they are performing a practical task, it may be free-and-easy or passive, such as the supervisor working in the same room as the employee and so aware of the employees work in this way, alternatively supervision may occur by peers, or unmatched supervisor may simultaneously supervise many employees . An example of supervision and appraisal is within the health check industry. Here a trainee is almost constantly under supervision as they learn the processes and procedures that they are part of, and their role. Supervision has been shown to help the trainees to develop the ability to care for the patient, and those that are supervised are more trenchant at patient care than those that are not. Coupled with supervision of trainees is regular appraisal to ensure that some( prenominal) the trainee and the supervisor agree on what is expected of the trainee . Effective supervision and appraisal systems can result in the increased productivity of the company overall as well as the individual employees, as well as increased workplace morale and better relationships between employees . Supervision and Appraisal in the employment Generally, supervision in an organisation is with the intent either passively or actively of determining the authorisation of employees and correcting mistakes. In the health industry supervision is also used to teach and train nurses, with this taking the paramount role over the regulatory function . However, in most organisations the regulatory function of supervision and its inter-group communication to appraisals remains the key focus of supervision of employees. Within a company there may be many employees that perform the same role. However, within this group of employees, there is likely to be substantial differences in experience, knowledge and performance . As a consequence, appraisals of employees performance are used widely in organisations, and are often considered a key part of the success of an organisation. If done correctly, appraisals work to reconcile the unavoidably and desires of the employees and management, allowing the establishment of goals that contribute to personal growth of the employee and growth of the company as

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Bolero Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bolero - Essay ExampleLevitin and Wooten tincture at medicine how people perceive it within a large paradigm. Bolero is a movement melodic piece that was pioneered by Maurice Ravel. It would later stand out as one of his most famous practice of medicineal comedy keep downdy motifs of his time. As such, it is appropriate to use this piece to analyse these musical concepts (Levitin 78). The music features unique musical composition with a new style of composition and dance gestures, with the musical instrumentation largely utilizing a sopranino saxophone in F. Furthermore, this form of music has been characterized as having a plain structural composition macrocosm in C major of ? timing. In its composition, Bolero music starts with pianissimo progressing in a crescendo and final result up to a fortissimo existence played so loud. The music is anchored on a aeonian ostinato in the entire composition. Wootens The Music Lesson brings out a rich collection of concepts that he ha s come up with over the years in his Bass camps. A combination of the ten ideas seeks to illustrate music as a language all interwoven into musical concepts. Quite distinctively, Wooten identifies these concepts as elements of music that he identifies as notes, articulation, feel, musical technique, rhythm, dynamics, tone, listening, phrasing, and space (Wooten 98). Similarly, Levitins This is your brain on music offers insightful information regarding how valet de chambre perceive musical sounds and the manner in which the human brain processes musical sounds. In his point of view, globe have been successful in their own standing due to music (Levitin 56). In using these concepts to throw outvas Bolero music, several issues come into the mind. These issues are related to how music is perceived and how humans interpret it. In a fundamental way, Ravels Bolero music takes fifteen minutes repeating each of the song themes cardinal sections approximately nine times using the same key. The composition uses various orchestrations varying considerably the musical texture. Consequently, it creates crescendo. Using Wootens core concepts, Bolero puts into focus a repeat pattern of AA BB four times, and AB being repeated once. All these serve to offer the composition a sort of modulation that creates a destructive musical closure. In putting Levitins perspective, the melody used in the compositions makes the music to beat in human brains because of simple rhythm use. The effects of most of the repetitive concepts of Wooten seek to make the musical patterns stick to peoples brain. Therefore, occasionally people can be able to feel the beats and sounds of a particular music without physically listening to it playing (Wooten 45-8). Much of Andre Rieus renditions were based on important music creating a new niche in music from the period ending up to the 20th century. His approach to classical music was mostly anchored on involving the hearing during musical capi tal punishments so that the audience can appreciate music. However, these renditions combined the admired compositions of great classical musicians of the time with rather informal musical performance environment that was mostly associated with pop music. His articulation of music provided a festive atmosphere for the audience where they are encouraged to participate in the performance through dance and song. Wooten would later describe this perception of music as more of a language of the learning process to understand music (Wooten 72). The way the audience

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US Foreign Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

US Foreign Policy - Essay ExampleThe decision rejecting the protocol was accompanied by unmeasurable critic especially from European countries. Additionally, renders regime saw withdrawal of unify States from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with arguments that the treaty would hinder USs ability to protect itself from external attacks much(prenominal) as terrorism.Moreover, US raised concerns over development of nuclear weapons by nations such as sights Republic of China, Iran and North Korea. In 2003 China admitted to making nuclear weapons further straining the dealings with US. In July 2002 the International Criminal Court was created with a mandate to ensure that perpetrators of international crimes such as heads of states are punished. This prompted creation of the American Service members Protection spiel (ASPA) in August 2002 in a bid to protect its appointed and elected officials from being tried by an international criminal mash whom US is not a member. In rel ation to trade, Bush signed the free trade agreements with countries such as Chile and Ukraine under the Central American Free Trade Agreement thereby better trade relations in US.Matters relating to Iraqs regime change had started earlier with the signing of Iraq Liberation Act by President Bill Clinton in 1998. After Bush took office he continued with the schedule going forth to publicly press for regime change in 2002. This was on grounds of unretentive cooperation from Iraq and claims that Iraq was making weapons of mass destruction. In March 2003, Bush declared war on Iraq soon afterwards notifying some allies such as Saudi Arabia on war imminence. The war however did not receive much support both from within US, other countries and agencies such as United Nations (UN) that this did not hinder Bush. Controversies surrounding the Iraq war arguably form the greatest criticism on Bushs regime.Obamas administration from its onset sought to bring the Iraq war to an end. However , there would

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Human Growth and development assignment 8 Essay

Human Growth and development subsidisation 8 - Essay ExampleThus, social bonding is of paramount significance for childs to develop trust. The interaction of the infants temperament with the experiences in the immediate environment influences the personality development. Hence, the quality of interaction between the infants and caregivers plays a critical role in influencing personality development during infancy. Fundamentally, infants are self-centered, and their primary concern is to satisfy their fleshly desires. For instance, hunger is a primary concern for infants.The preschool children have patterns of psychosocial, social, and moral development. Notably, the preschool children tend to assert their control, as healthful as, power over the world by directing social interactions. For instance, the children take charge of their play. Similarly, the successful children in the preschool years feel they have the capacity to lead the others. In contrast, the unsuccessful children display a adept of self-doubt, guilt, and lack of initiatives. Socially, the preschool children will create friends and depart from the side-to-side play with their caregivers. The relationship between the preschool children and immediate people influences the social development (Mahmud, 2013). For example, the children will drift towards particular children and form strong relationships with them. At this stage, the children learn to succor with friends while playing and sharing things such as toys. Morally, the children will display empathy (Shaffer & Kipp, 2013). The child transits from self-centeredness to cut across empathy. Hence, the child exhibits a sense of consideration. The preschoolers become aware of what is wrong and right.The infancy and preschool phases have similarities, as easily as, differences. Notably, the parent-child relationship influences social development during infancy and preschool years. The

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How important are the facial expressions of emotion in human Essay

How classical are the nervus facial nerveis airs of emotion in human communication - Essay ExampleHe observed diverse tricks followed by unusual gestures and even took into account the movement of every single facial muscle. After analysing in depth study of human facial muscles accompany by expressions with respect to emotions he presented two models of facial expressions, Neuro Cultural Model and Social Ecology Model. Neuro Cultural Model also approved and researched by Ekman, states that human beings facial expressions are influenced by cultural as well as biological motives, so the attitude is subjected to change according to ones culture, gender and social status. Social Ecology Model serves as an skip over to cultural model.Although Darwin was not the first one to research on the emotional expressions of human beings. Before Darwin the discipline was researched by Charles Bells who believed that facial expressions including smiles, frowns, laughs, sighs, beams, grimace , disgust and anger stand for humans as a natural phrase to communicate with each other, infact he possessed the view that facial expressions are the main source by which one soul communicates with another.Darwin denied the theological foundation for emotional expression that Bell presented and analysed after making comparisons of facial movements in children, adults, the insane, as well as in animals like monkeys, dogs and cats done with the aid of photography and sketches. He proved by such comparisons several similarities across ages, sexes and mental capacities. (Hodge & Radick, 2003, p. 110) Darwin also analysed the expressions among ancestors and proved that human facial expressions have nothing to do with the communication or souls (Bells Theory). Its is a certain mental state which is accompanied by actions that brings relief or gratification, then those actions thereafter accompanies the mental state for example, the turning away and the contract nose of disgust, elicited originally by the sight of some repulsive object, might again be displayed due to the feeling alone. Darwin called this the principle of serviceable associated habits and used it to explain various facial gestures like frowning, dejection, smiling and so on. (2003, p. 110)While analysing different states and gestures, Darwin realised the importance of facial expressions in cultural as well as cross cultural studies and proposed that emotional facial expression plays a major role concerning cooperation among members of a alliance because it allows an exchange of information about affective reactions and behavioural tendencies. In the field of human interaction, the importance of facial expression can be best proved by the example that concerns interaction between mothers and their infants. (Scherer, 1988, p. 162) anyway Neuro cultural model, Darwin also emphasised on cross cultural studies in context with facial expression of emotion, but most of the research is done by Ekman who d escribed the human face as an important source of information in social interaction. Ekman (1978) describes the face as a multimessage, multisignal semiotic system. (1988, p. 162) Ekman along with Friesen continue the work of Darwin on muscle movement, and after analysing several studies, which include six pictures of posed, and

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Relationship Between Knowledge and Belief. What Role Does Experience Essay

Relationship Between Knowledge and Belief. What Role Does Experience and close Play in Ensuring our Beliefs Are True - Essay ExampleWhat is important to note here is the fundamental significance on the shaping up of touchs. If these beliefs are not given the room to expand inside their entireties, there is little one can do in essence. Similarly, experience and reason have got a due role within the relevant scheme of cognition and beliefs. Experience comes with an netherstanding that things can be learned with the passage of epoch. As far as intimacy is concerned, teacher can teach knowledge but he cannot force his own self to change beliefs and opinions which take a long time to change essentially. Knowledge leads to experience after a particular task is worked upon. If the knowledge is not sedulous in a due capacity, experience will not be deemed as fruitful. Therefore, one must(prenominal) understand the dictum of positive change that shall dawn upon the entirety of an indi vidual who wants to attain knowledge. If the knowledge is acquired, hence only experience is derived from the same settings. The role of the teacher is therefore an important one but it is the counselor that shall lead a student towards deducing what is deemed as a better alternative for him, and what shall not reap every rich dividends for his personality in the coming times. In order to make sure that our beliefs turn come in to be true, the role of knowledge and experience working hand in hand with one another(prenominal) is a significant one. This is because both these elements work alongside one another to form up our beliefs which uphold quintessential for us no matter how tough the circumstances and situations turn out to be at the end. The gravity of our beliefs is directly related with how our knowledge and experience shape up. This is because the beliefs are affected by the knowledge and experience regimes which are in place and which shall be the basis of comprehensio n within the related realms (Bratman, Fischer & Perry, 2009). The hypothesis of knowledge is such that it would lead to immense understanding as it paves the way for alternatives and options. It gives the people a adept of belongingness and understanding a fact that has been discussed, analyzed and relearned altogether with the advent of time. The beliefs need to be covered up with experience and knowledge which remain important for an individual until the time he is alive and bringing in value for his own entirety. The manner in which inductive influence comes about is an important one. This is because there is a sense of leading into things when inductive influence comes into the relevant equations. The inductive influence within the dynamics of beliefs comes in from research which is knowledge and the practical demonstration of work that leads up to experience. The mix of the two is indeed the belief that a person acquires and would long to have within his folds. What is signi ficant here is an understanding that things shall be through with(p) properly if there is a certain belief behind the very same dictum. This will stand for long term success for all and sundry, an aspect which has been given much emphasis in the young times by the people who study personalities and their direct and indirect effects and consequences. Therefore philosophy asks of the individuals to unmingled their truest selves through understanding, research and practical experience. All of these tenets are given a decent cover under